[SECURITY ACTION Self-declaration]

We, Taiyo Corporation, established the basic policy on information security, and in November 2019, declared two stars in SECURITY ACTION*
*SECURITY ACTION is the system provided by IPA (Information-technology Promotion Organization).

security action


[Basic Policy on Information Security]

We, Taiyo Corporation, work on information security based on the following policies in order to protect the information assets provided by our clients and their partners from threats such as accidents, disasters, and crime, as well as to prove worthy of social trust.

1. Responsibilities of Management

Under the initiative of executive control, we strive to improve information security continuously on an organizational basis.

2. Development of Internal System

We develop necessary management system, establish organizations to maintain/improve information security, and establish information security measures as formal internal regulations.

3. Efforts of Employees

Our employees strive to improve their awareness to information security by acquiring the knowledge and technologies through regular security education.

4. Compliance with Legislative and Contractual Requirements

We strive to ensure that we comply with the laws, regulations, norms, and contractual duties related to information security, as well as to update the knowledge on those.

5. Response to Violations and Accidents

We develop a management system for the response to violations and accidents involving information security laws, norms, and contracts with clients and partners, and provide appropriate responses in the event of an information security problem.
We also strive to minimize the impact, develop and implement recurrence prevention measures.

Established: November 17, 2019
Revised: December 26, 2019
Taiyo Corporation
President and Representative Director Mariko Nakabe