Organic LED Lighting

Organic LED lighting is established as a “human-friendly” lighting technology for use in light panels with light distribution characteristics close to that of sunlight but has not yet gained widespread use.
Organic LED lighting offers another option next to LED lighting, which has emerged as a popular lighting alternative since production of incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights has stopped worldwide. We would like to offer organic LED lighting to help contribute to our vision of a world where light sources can be selected to suit the environment in which they will be used.
organic led light

Organic LED lighting equipment (Target area: Japan)

 Organic LED lighting panels

Produced in Germany and New York, OLEDWorks boasts an innovative manufacturing base that offers affordable organic LED solid-state lighting panels.


Organic LED lighting systems

EMDE development of light GmbH markets a brand called OMLED. The company manufactures unique and premium quality lighting equipment for the home and workplace.