[Problems related to foreign exchange / trade financing]

“Our policy requires that we receive payment in advance in Japanese yen, but an increasing number of customers are not willing to agree to these payment terms.”
“We’re having difficulty collecting payments from overseas customers.”
“Since we’d like to avoid foreign exchange risks if possible, we’d like to carry out transactions domestically.”
“When discussing payment terms, we’re told about L/C, D/A, D/P, etc… We don’t know if we can handle these.”

In overseas trading, the terms and conditions are very important. Particularly when dealing with a new customer that is based overseas, companies may not grant sufficient credit, and they are sometimes more cautious than necessary because they want to avoid risk as much as possible. In overseas trading, it is important to spread the risks of payment collection.
In over 20 years of trading in the Middle East / North Africa region where payment collection is very difficult, we have never experienced problems with payment collection because, in addition to having the cooperation of our local agents, we are set up to flexibly negotiate terms and conditions beforehand.
The kind of service we offer will vary depending on your situation. Please contact us so we can discuss how we may serve you.

[Specific operations handled]

・Switching to domestic transactions (to avoid exchange rate risks and act as a collection agent)
・We offer trade financing options (From short-term usance of less than one year to long-term usance of up to three years; payment in installments)
・We handle payment methods such as L/C, D/P, D/A (CAD, depending on conditions)