[Problems related to export/import]

“We’d like to sell overseas, but we don’t have any representatives working overseas now.”
“We have a representative working overseas but on top of having to handle the customers overseas, they need to take care of everything from ordering to making shipping arrangements all by themselves. We’d like to free them up by outsourcing the trading side of the business.”

We have highly experienced experts in exporting and importing. We also have relationships with many domestic/foreign freight forwarders and shipping companies. We can select and coordinate with forwarders/carriers that are particularly good at working in the field in which trading services are sought.
In addition to preparing all the necessary shipping documents, our trading team can also correspond and negotiate in English. Outside of business negotiations, we are a one-stop solution provider capable of handling all export/import operations from the factory to arrival at the destination.

[Specific operations handled]

• Preparation of shipping documents (Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Shipping Advice)
• Obtaining various certifications and legalizations (Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Embassies, etc.)
• Catch-all control, ATA Carnet application, etc.
• Shipping arrangements (transport scheduling, shipping quotations, shipping instructions, customs clearance)
• Preparation of negotiable documents to be submitted to banks in accordance with L/C, D/P, D/A, CAD, etc.
• Arranging an application for a medical control certificate (called “yakkan shoumei”) when importing into Japan
• Corresponding with overseas customers in English.