[Problems related to logistics]

“We’ve been able to handle sales in Asia, North America, and Europe, etc. by ourselves, but we avoid the Middle East and Africa regions because we don’t understand the local business customs and the import regulations, etc. are complicated.”
“We’ve received an order from a one-time deal for a shipment to a different region from the usual destination. Also, given that the product we’re selling has special requirements, we’re concerned about whether we’ll be able to find a reliable transport route.”

Since import regulations and rules are different for each country in the Middle East and North Africa regions, it is necessary to find out the delivery rules beforehand when exporting to these countries. In addition, with regulations such as catch-all controls and restrictions on foreign exchange, special treatment may be required depending on product contents in many countries.
Furthermore, it is not easy to select the most suitable company among many forwarders/carriers since contract conditions vary depending on the forwarder/carrier. We have a lot of experience in such regions and we are confident in the alliance we have with our partner companies.
We can also support trilateral trade, in which there are numerous problems regarding accidental price disclosures to customers making it necessary to properly manage ties with the manufacturer, trading company, and shipping company.

[Specific operations handled]

・Operations related to logistics of export/import
・Package transport: Items from multiple vendors can be bundled into a single shipment
・Transport requiring special arrangements such as air-sea service or charter service
・Trilateral trade service (direct transportation from the country where a factory is located to the customer without going through Japan)
・Transport of dangerous goods