[Problems related to licensing (sales channel development)]

“We’d like to expand overseas, but we can’t afford to have dedicated sales staff or local offices for that purpose.”
“We’re compliant with pharmaceutical affairs law in Japan, but we don’t have the budget or system to obtain CE or FDA approvals.”

Depending on the kind of product and target area, we may be able to develop sales channels based on our global network, built over many years of experience in exporting medical equipment, and our experience in medical certification and sales channel development for the manufacturing and marketing of our own medical products.
We receive many requests for sales channel development of products that have not obtained overseas certification. In our experience, there are many cases where companies decide not to handle the sale of a product because the product does not meet bidding requirements due to not being CE or FDA approved and cannot find an agent to handle it. Through experience with our own products, however, we have learned about the difficulties involved with obtaining overseas certifications.
Particularly in ASEAN countries, rather than importing finished products, the government often encourages the manufacturing of domestic products the local manufacturing industry. Using this to our advantage, a licensing contract that bypasses CE or FDA approvals may be possible upon agreeing on intellectual property and contract conditions.
We cannot handle all cases, but please do not hesitate to consult us if you are interested.