President and Representative Director Mariko Nakabe (Company registered under Mariko Koizumi)
Year company was founded 1981
Capital 40 million yen
Location Fuji Bldg., 9th Flr., 5-30-9 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5440-6271
FAX 03-5440-2080
Legal counsel Kobikicho Sogo Law Offices
Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Description of Business ■Foreign Trading
 ・Foreign Exchange / Trade Financing
 ・Licensing (Sales Channel Development)
 ・Wearable surgical lighting system (OPELA III)
 ・Organic LED Lighting (OLED)
Industry Licenses ●Retailer License for Specially Controlled Medical Devices
   License no. 4301030900003

●Class III Marketing Authorization Holder for Medical Devices
   License no. 13B3X10231

●Wearable surgical lighting system OPELA III
・General name: Headlight (Class I)
・Product name: Wearable surgical lighting system OPELA III
・Manufacturing and sales number: 13B3X10231000001
Intellectual property 【 Patent registration 】
– Japan –
・Title: Head-mounted Lighting System
・Registration number: 6283150
・Date of registration: February 2, 2018

【 Design registration 】
– Japan –
・Registration number: 1598372
・Date of registration: February 2, 2018

– EU –
・Registration number: 004387694-0001
・Date of registration: October 6. 2017
【 Trademark 】
– Japan –
・Registration number: 5943647
・Date of registration: April 28, 2017

Our Location

Getting here by train:
・JR Line to Tamachi station, 4 min. walk from Mita exit (West exit)
・Toei-Asakusa or Mita Line to Mita Station, 2 min. walk from Exit A3