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We mainly sell diagnostic imaging equipment manufactured by Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation and have handled their products for over 20 years since 1995.Upon your request, we can provide necessary peripherals for these products such as printers, biopsy kits, and film processors, and package them together. Our business with these medical systems expanded to other equipment: Portable ultrasound instruments and dental air scalers.
We have also obtained manufacturing and marketing permissions to develop our own wearable surgical lighting system and we started marketing it in Japan and overseas in 2017.
Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following products:

Diagnostic imaging systems by CANON Medical Systems Corporation (Target area: Middle East, North Africa)

CT scanners

The CT series, which began with Aquilion ONE — the industry’s only CT scanner with a 160-mm wide area detector.

MRI systems

Diagnostic imaging equipment that enables seeing inside the body using magnetic fields and radio waves instead of X-rays. CANON Medical Systems Corporation has realized the quietest MRI systems in the world by using patented static noise reduction technology called PianissimoTM.

Ultrasound diagnostic systems

Next-generation ultrasound diagnostic systems for examinations ranging from daily checks to detailed examinations.

Diagnostic x-ray systems

In addition to the Infinix™-i series X-ray Angiography systems, various X-ray systems covering a range of applications are available.

Portable Ultrasound scanners (Target area: global)
*Pharmaceutical certification application in progress

Socionext, Inc.
Ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight, completely cordless, and easy to hold.

Lequio Power Technology Corporation

To enable stable continuous usage even during power outages, the product can be powered by a PC battery via the USB port of a PC.

Wearable surgical lighting(Target market: global)

Wearable surgical lighting

Not just a shadowless light, not just a headlight…
This is the next-generation medical light… OPELA III

Dental care devices(Target market: Middle East and North Africa)

Micron Corporation

Air scaler (Tartar remover)

By vibration of the tip, the Air Scaler removes tartar more quickly than a manual scaler and more gently than an ultrasound scaler.

Root canal device

For root canal enlargement, cleaning, periodontal pocket cleaning, and surface cleaning. Can be used in a variety of applications. (TA-200)

Tooth surface cleaner

A jet stream containing cleaning powder and water is used to quickly remove tar from cigarettes, tea stains, and other stains, as well as plaque.

Handpiece Counter (Rotation and frequency measuring device)

This product makes it easy to manage, inspect, and maintain rotary dental instruments such as air turbines, micro motors, and air motors.

Organic LED lighting equipment (Target area: Japan)

OLEDWorks: Organic LED lighting panels

Produced in Germany and New York, OLEDWorks boasts an innovative manufacturing base that offers affordable organic LED solid-state lighting panels.

emdedesign: Organic LED lighting systems

emdedesign GmbH markets a brand called OMLED. The company manufactures unique and premium quality lighting equipment for the home and workplace.

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